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Area in GPS

Software to measure area of tea farm using GPS position specification. It is useful for measuring insect prevention, fertilizer management, harvesting amount etc.
Calculate the area of tea farm by going around with GPS position on.

Not only the tea farm area, various usage!
When searching the area/distance using GPS & map, it can be useful more than measuring tea farm area. Not only for land/building, it can be used for searching the distance of walking or driving with landmark, country/region, distance from abroad etc.
This app calculates area/distance according to latitude/longitude received from GPS. When measuring area, walk around and mark the corner. At the last corner the covered area is measured. It can be used to measure the area of land/building etc. and route/distance of walk/golf etc.

Basic usage

  • Add mark to current position by pressing [Current position] button.
  • Every time of adding a mark, line is drawn, and the distance is viewed.
  • Marked area is viewed by pressing the [Measure area] button.

The area unit which can be used.

  • Square m, Square km, Square mm, Are, Hectare, Square feet, Square yard, Acre, Square miles.

Distance unit which can be used.

  • m, km, Feet, Yard, Mile.

The area won't view accurately in line crossing areas.

It calculates the area by taking earth as a sphere and covered with geodesic line. Height and inclination are not considered.

Since GPS accuracy is saved in terminal, if the position is moved, respond by moving the marker.