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Product guide(Finishing process equipment)
Tea blender & measurement bag filling machine

Tea blender (Cylinder type)
It is an originated cylinder type blender.

  • It is an ideal blender since tea is fed to whole area with the rotating chute, and all layers are mixed when discharging.
  • Product can be fed while discharging.
  • There is no need of partition plate and effective to GAP measures with automatic shutter for discharging.
  • Operability has improved with drum rotation by changing from speed changing pulley to inverter driving in control panel when discharging.
  • Dust protection, insect prevention is possible with insect cover.(Option)
  • The weight of the tea inside blender can be viewed with the scale combination. (Option)

Tea blender (Drum type)

  • Balanced blending is possible with originally designed internal structure.
  • There won't be any leaf deviation according to slow rotation.
  • There won't be any foreign material mixing like insects with covered type.
  • It is suitable for medium & small-scale factory and separating factories.
  • Operation is very easy as in operation manual.
  • If there is an error the safety device works and stops the machine informing with buzzer.

Measurement bag filling machine (Multiple measuring type) FK-1E(One time measuring type)

  • High efficiency
    FK-3B:One time measuring, capability 130/hour (1st harvesting, 30kg bag)
    FK-1E:Multiple measuring type, capability 90/hour (1st harvesting, 30kg bag)
  • Full automatic
    FK-3B:Only by putting the bag on stocker, whole process from supplying to measuring is fully automated.
    FK-1E:The bags can be measured & packed automatically by pressing START button after feeding manually.
  • High precision
    Highly precise measuring is done by loadcell in two step method (rough measure, final measure).