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Terada is mainly various dryer machine designing and selling company.
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Product guide(Transporting & feeding equipment)
Rising net conveyor
Used all-stainless frame with excellent sanitary. Can be used long since excellent strength & durability.
Input screw conveyor
Stainless food transporting conveyor Individually hopper and transporting part is complete and can be used to multiple tasks.
Belt conveyor (Sanitary type)
Stainless food transporting conveyor Clean conveyor, easy for cleaning!
U Groove type screw conveyor
Stainless food transporting conveyor Dust generating while transport will be reduced and better option for splitting of material.
Vibrating conveyor
Stainless food transporting conveyor Excellent durable stainless-steel vibrating conveyor.
Vacuum type aerial transportation device
Power source of vacuum type aerial transportation device is in discharging side & vacuums air inside the pipe. So, the Pressure is below atmospheric pressure & vacuum pressure becomes large...
Conveying equipment
Transporting conveyor for tea manufacturing plant automation. Manufactures according to customer needs. Contact us.