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Terada is mainly various dryer machine designing and selling company.
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Product guide(Control device & control panel)
[Dampness] system

[Dampness] system & sampling unit

  • Renewed the sampling device. Made the outside frame stainless.
  • Electrode part of electric resistant type moisture measuring is also used stainless. It is hygienic & increased durability.


Tea manufacturing process is a drying process. Tea rubbing is different from the drying process of only drying.
It is said to understand the heart of tea both in hand rubbing and machine rubbing from long ago.
It is said to rub the tea thinking as if how it feels.
One of them is rub concerning dampness. It is important not to let surface drying.

In Terada [Dampness] system, moisture state of tea leaves is sampled and measured surface moisture as by pressing in the same method of manual measuring.
People reduce the air flow rate if the surface is dried and even the whole moisture is not dried. Terada [Dampness level] is the surface moisture replaced value when pressed moderately and not the whole moisture level. The tea is discharged in target moisture level after enough rubbing with air rate control according to this [Dampness level]. It is measured with appropriate pressure for each primary drying process and secondary drying process.