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TENCHA furnace

The machine structure is to pursue the quality of "real TENCHA".

  • Color : Dry the tea leaves properly by releasing to whole net without piling up. With that tea is made in bright color with original leaf color (Steamed leaf).
  • Fragrance : By drying with radioactive heat and convectional heat, creates TENCHA original fragrance.
  • Tea spreading : Important process of TENCHA making. Cool the leaves and remove water of leaf surface by floating them using air. Improves the drying efficiency of furnace initial stage which effects the color largely.
TENCHA furnace FTD-100
Full length/Full width/Height (mm)8,700 / 2,800 / 6,100
Net (kw)0.2 x 3
Burner (kw)0.25 x 2
Exhaust fan (kw)0.75
Upper stage dryer/Exhaust fan/Leveling (kw)0.2 / 0.75 / 0.04
Screw conveyor (kw)0.4
Processing capacity (kg/h)80~120
Tea spreading device FTDS-FA
Full length/Full width/Height (mm)1,920 / 995 / 5,700
Power (kw)1.5 x 2
Number of net towers1