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Terada is mainly various dryer machine designing and selling company.
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Net conveyor type dryer

Continuous air blowing dryer with excellent drying efficiency. Dry by blowing hot air to the material on horizontally moving conveyor. The area of touching the material to hot air is wide and excellent drying efficiency. By several heat exchangers, according to the moisture level of material, air amount and temperature can be adjusted for high quality drying. With the stirring shafts used in several places on net conveyor, material can be dried unified by stirring and rotating.

Machine dimensions (mm)
Net width x Frame width x Full width (Including furnace)1,550 x 1,760 x 4,720
Length (Including input device)6,870
Power (kw) | Material input deviceBelt : 0.2 | Leveling : 0.1
Power (kw) | Net conveyorNet : 0.2|Reversing device : 0.04 x 3
Processing capacity (kg/h)200
HLS-20BE (7type)
Width x Depth x Height (mm)1,200 x 1,895 x 2,260
Fan power (kw)3.7
Maximum air flow (m2/分)170
Gas gun type burner
Type | Power (kw) | NozzleKG-31X | 0.4 | 310,000kcal/h
Gas consumption (kg/h)12~24