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Terada is mainly various dryer machine designing and selling company.
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Product guide(Other- Milling & roasting equipment)
Small fine powder mill

Milling machine for foods.

  • Excellent with compact and portable.
  • Mill dried raw material using metal grinding disk with same method as stone mill. Granularity can be adjusted by changing the gap between upper and lower grinding disk.
  • Prevents deterioration by minimizing the heat with grinding disks cooling system.
DimensionsBody : Width 210mm / Depth 340mm / Height 750mm (With feeding hopper)|Water tank:Width 185mm/Depth 280mm/Height 295mm (Volume 10L)
PowerBody : 200W Submerged pump : 15W/50Hz 18W/60Hz Cooling fan : 11W/50Hz 13W/60Hz
Weight40kg (With water tank)
Processing objectsTea, Rice, Soy beans, Noodles, Millet, Small fish
Processing ability1~2kg/h (Depends on the material)
Cooling systemWater cooling type (Both upper & lower grinding disk)