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Terada is mainly various dryer machine designing and selling company.
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Product guide(Washing equipment)
Washing machine

Stainless food processing machine
Washing machine
Shower washing + Dipping jet flow/
power is demonstrated by bubbling wash!

  • Washable since all stainless-steel frame used.
  • The processing material is sunk with the dipping device.
  • It can be washed softly since a lot of air is blown to the washing layer for bubbling wash.
  • The material came out from the water tank is rinsed with finishing shower.
  • Spin dryer is a 3 continuous type squeezing roller. The height & pressure of squeezing roller can be easily adjusted.
  • Washing layer is easy cleaning structured and reduces operator’s burden.
  • The water level adjuster is floating type and the operation is easy.
  • Back side of conveyor rising part, floor won’t get soiled since there is an opening part.
CWS-2000 Type
Full length5,000 (mm)
Full width1,600 (mm)
Height2,200 (mm)
Power (kw)
Leveling device0.1x2
Squeezing roller0.1x3
Amount of water30 (L/min)
Washing layer2,000 (L)
Processing ability2,000 (kg/h)