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Product guide(Black tea processing machinery)
Multi-floor net type withering machine

Uniformed & high quality withering in limited space



  • Expansion, relocation is very easy and adaptable for various needs.
  • Multi-floor (1~3 floor) installation is possible, space saving.
  • Multi-floor has made the [leaf turning] possible, which is important for unified withering.*1
  • 150kg of green leaf can be processed in 1 block.
  • Minimum structure is 1 floor 2 block (300kg) type, maximum is 3 floor 10 block (4500kg) type.
  • Healthy polyester net is used, can be removed from the machine and washable.
  • Large sirocco fan is used for a block to blow the wind, use spare wind as static pressure.*2

*1 By adding an untying machine (option) to the changing port, [leaf turning] capability can be raised.

*2 Various optional heat sources like electric heater can be selected for wind blowing. 

Full length6,320 mm
Full width2,160 mm
Height3,075 mm
Net width2,000 mm
Net (power)0.1 kW x 3
Fan (power)0.75 kW x 6
Max net speed1,680 mm/min
1 block processing amount (30 cm pile up)150 kg
Processing time (reference)12~15 hrs