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Product guide(Black tea processing machinery)
Continuous fermenting machine

Space saving & high quality continuous fermentation is possible in most suitable enviorenment.

  • Multi-floor (1~5 floor) installation can be selected, space saving compared to the bed type flat laying.
  • Inside the machine is maintained in high humidity for stable fermenting.
  • Tea temperature change during fermentation measured in few locations and can be checked.
  • Always deliver the oxygen which needs for fermentation process by circulating inside air.
  • Healthy polyester net is used, can be removed from the machine and washable.
  • When the temperature is low, temperature inside the machine is adjusted automatically to the best for fermenting by the heating device (option).*1

*1 Optional heating device can be selected from heat sources like electric heater etc.

Full length5,900 mm
Full width2,300 mm
Height2,400 mm
Net width2,000 mm
Net (power)0.4 x 2 kW
Fan (power)0.4 x 1 kW
Leveler (power) 0.1 x 1 kW
Net speed70 mm/min
Processing amount (reference)110 kg/h
Processing time (reference)1.5~2.5 h