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Product guide(Fresh leaf management process equipment)
Fresh leaf management process equipment

Automatic fresh leaf container
Selectable 4 type
Can be selected from wide spaced super wide (4.1m) type to N type (1.9m) according to necessary space and management method.
There are 4 types of blocks, 4 to 10 also.

Small type automatic container (Movable type)
Automatic container suitable for small and medium size tea factories.

  • Run automatically according to the processing amount of steamer with automatic discharging device.
  • Easily movable with caster. (300K)
  • With each mixing device, leaves can be discharged uniformly.
  • Used resin net conveyor is hygienic and light.

Automatic fresh leaf container & sample conveyor

  • Fresh leaf acceptance, cooling and releasing are done smoothly with under ground container.
  • Since it is under ground type easy for opening the bags of leaves transported from farm.
  • It helps to reduce the time of unloading from truck.
  • Acceptance can be processed smoothly since several people can unload at the same time.
  • Sample can be gathered automatically with the sample conveyor.

Automatic fresh leaf container supplying equipment
Automatic supplying equipment from one section to whole area supplying.

  • 4 types of supplying can be selected from 3 types.
  • Leaves can be fed flat without getting stuffy, since it moves according to a sensor checking of leaf availability.
  • Prevents overflow by checking the loading height of leaf storage with a sensor.