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Terada is mainly various dryer machine designing and selling company.
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Product guide(Fresh leaf management process equipment)
Fresh leaf washing machine and spin dryer device

After washing with shower and dipping jet flow, bubbling wash and finish with showering and then with draining & water removal process is done by spin dryer.

Washing net conveyor

  • It is a transporting conveyor to feed fixed amount to fresh leaf washing machine according to 2nd process fresh leaf processing capacity.
  • By gaining shower spray for pre-washing, rough stains will be removed, with that the efficiency of main washing can be raised.
  • The water used for pre-washing is filtered water from fresh leaf washing machine and supplied by tank for circulation.
  • Polluted water and garbage is separated with resin net in water circulating tank and won't be taken to next process.

Fresh leaf washing machine

  • Fed fresh leaves are sent to washing tank forcefully with powerful water flow and by sinking the leaves with dipping device, bubbling occurs from under the tank which helps to clean the leaves without damaging them.
  • Washed fresh leaves will be transported to the final cleaning part directly with water flow.
  • Fresh leaves and polluted water from tank will be separated in final cleaning part and will be washed with high pressure shower inside a rotating drum.

Spin dryer feeding conveyor

  • Fixed amount of washed fresh leaves with water are transported in net conveyor with resin net to the spin dryer while draining.
  • Polluted water will be separated and filtered in lower part of the tank and polluted water drained as priority which is a water saving type with repeated use.

Spin dryer

  • Feeding, discharging time can be reduced and trust can be increased by Terada original structure of upper part fresh leaf feeding and below part of spin dryer discharging.
  • The water of washed fresh leaves will be removed by centrifugal separation.
  • It is fully automated and batch type.
  • The water will not get into next process since the water separated in the tank will be drained without getting into the transporting way.