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Terada is mainly various dryer machine designing and selling company.
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Product guide(Steaming process equipment)
Tea steamer

Developed in corporation with the top steam machine manufacturer "MIYAMURA Ironworks company limited". Renewed with new structure utilizing the conventional features of Terada steamer.

  • There won't be any stuffy and can be steamed to core without condensation since the steamer room is excellent in heat-retaining with double stainless-steel structure.
  • The parts to touch the tea leaves like drum, stirring shaft, wire net are made with stainless-steel. Therefore, there won't be any rust, fading and can be steamed in good color. (With the combination of tea leaf contents iron and tannin becomes black colored iron tannin compound.)
  • According to the rotation control by an inverter and the drum and stirring shaft with individual motors, made the structure simple and easy for cleaning.