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Product guide(Control device & control panel)
Tea flow

Display the tea manufacturing status in central digital screen.New model checking system close to FA.

  • Improves the operability by checking the status straight & easy with large digital touch screen (15type).
  • If you touch the machine you want to check with main display, it changes to individual machine's control panel display and the set & current value can be checked at a glance.
  • When an error in transporting devices and control panels, the error content is displayed in screen and can be responded immediately.
  • Current manufacturing lot is displayed in batch number viewing. When the tea leaves move to next process, number and background color tracks it.
  • Individual rubbing & separating according to tea type can be separated to 5 colors.
  • Saving of each control panel set value and recalling is possible.
  • With one tea flow, responds to 5~12 machines.