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Product guide(Primary drying and rolling process equipment)
Clean TW,TY plate

Resin plate for bottom of tea scattering dryer/primary tea rolling dryer drum. Tea won't get stick and it is easy for cleaning after production. Operation efficiency of machine will be up according to shortening the cleaning time.

  • Clean TW plate is excellent in heat resisting (260°C), and non-sticky, low friction, wear resistant, fluorinated carbon fiber PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) is used and it is clean and hygienic after cleaning without hygroscopic, absorption.
  • For the surface of clean TY plate, inexpensive, durable, hygienic pp (polypropylene) mixed with silicon is excellent in non-stickiness, and for the bottom talc is used to subdue thermal expansion. Heat-resistance temperature of clean TY plate is 100°C.